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Monty Kaufman

Junior Camp 2

July 18-22

Monty graduated from Northland International University with a degree in Youth Ministry. He has been our Children's Pastor since the Fall of 2011. God has blessed He and his wife, Linda, with two boys, Cameron and Clayton. To God's glory, since 1991, Monty and Linda have had the privilege of serving in children & teen ministry.

Whether it was a college ministry, a camp ministry, or a local church ministry, God has enabled them to do "...the desires of their heart" (Ps. 37:4). Monty and Linda love their ministry of discipling kids to "Live the Gospel" (Phil. 1:27) in the "Power of the Gospel" (Rom. 1:16) by following the Great Commandments (Mt. 22:37-40) and fulfilling the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20)!

Monty is a "culturally sound" individual as evidenced by his following interests: World's Finest Chocolate, the Green Bay Packers, French Silk Pie Dairy Queen Blizzards, the Duke Blue Devils, Dill Pickle sunflower seeds, and the St. Louis Cardinals. In addition, he thoroughly enjoys playing the guitar, taking a walk on the beach with his family (at any hour of the day or night), and cheering on the sports teams of Wilmington Christian Academy...Go Patriots! Monty also enjoys playing a round of golf whenever possible, and watching "Call of the Wildman."

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