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Jared Bowling

Teen Retreat

May 15-16, 2019

Pastor Jared Bowling is the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Ebensburg. He is married to his wife of 7 years Rachel and they have two children, Chloe (6) and Enoch (5). 

Jared grew up in Southern California and got saved when he was 8 years old. He surrendered to the call to preach when he was 15 years old. As soon as Jared turned 18, he became bitter at church and God and ran away from God chasing after sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. He became the lead singer in several non-famous rock bands and experienced a severe depression which led him to a suicidal period in his life when he was either going to choose God and His will or death. Thanks be to God, Jared became so convicted of his backslidden condition that he surrendered to God. 

In 2007, Jared started attending Shadow Mt Community Church and Pastor Dr. David Jeremiah hired Jared to become an Inner City Youth Director. He was able to see hundreds of wayward teens get saved and fully surrender to Christ. I’m 2008, Jared graduated from Southern California Seminary. 

In 2014, Jared answered the call to begin evangelism Ministry in Central Pennsylvania. 
Jared is now serving as a Pastor and Evangelist.He has preached at many churches, Camps, Youth Conferences, Universities, Revivals and Bible Conferences all over the Nation. 

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