Camp Rental

Camp Kanesatake exists to help the local church evangelize and disciple their youth and strengthen their families to be conformed to the image of Christ. Churches, schools, and other groups, are welcome to rent the camp for many different activities, outings, retreats, picnics, and even week-long camps throughout the year.

Facilities & Activities


A large indoor chapel with seating for approximately 180. Building includes stage, keyboard piano, digital projector, and sound system. There are no restrooms in this building.


Located in the middle of camp, the bathhouse has separate units for boys and girls with multiple showers, toilets, and sinks.


An indoor gym is located four miles from Camp and is available upon request.

Coffee Shop

Upon request, the coffee shop can be opened to provide hot drinks or smoothies.

Basketball Court

An outdoor court located near the in between the pool and volleyball court.

Low Ropes Course

Groups experience team building exercises on a variety of elements.

Laser Tag

We have a 20 gun portable laser tag system that can be played at various spots around the campsite.

Recreational Activities

soccer, flag football, gaga ball, tetherball, carpetball, foosball, box hockey, frisbee golf, baseball diamond, creek walk, tubing the river, corn hole, 9-square in the air

Dining Hall

Seating capacity is 180. Building includes microphone and digital projector.


An outdoor pavilion is located near the large playing field and stream. It has power capabilities and picnic tables. There are also basketball hoops located in the pavilion as well.

Snack Shop

Upon request, the snack shop can be opened to offer a variety of candy bars, drinks, souvenirs, and apparel during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Volleyball Court

A sand volleyball court is located near the pool.

Climbing Wall

A low climbing wall is located underneath the chapel.

Zip Line

Enjoy a ride on a 700+ foot long zip line across our playing field to the opposite hillside.


We have multiples locations for campfires. You are welcome to use any upon request.

Seasonal Activities

giant pool and slip ‘n slide

Rental Rates

First Night: $30 per person
Additional Night: $25 per person
Meals: $8.50 per person per meal

Meals are served at 8 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm

Minimum Rate: $1,100

Minimum rate for all groups regardless of size

Camp Guidelines

  • Vehicles can only be driven through camp for the unloading and loading of luggage. After unloading luggage, all vehicles should remain parked for the remainder of your stay with us. Please park all vehicles at the large parking lot by the camp entrance.

  • The group leader is responsible to inform all members of his/her group of the standards of Camp Kanesatake. Leaders are also responsible to provided general and specific supervision of their group.

  • Excessively loud or questionable styles of music that may be offensive are prohibited. The volume of the music being used should be confined to the room or area in which it is being played.

  • Physical contact and public displays of affection by single men and women are discouraged. Married couples are asked to use discretion concerning these issues.

  • Clothing must be appropriate for the recreational activities in which the group is participating. No clothing shall be permitted that has questionable or offensive logos, signs, pictures or wording. Shoes must be worn at all times.

  • Girls and boys bathing suits must be modest (girls: one piece suit and boys: boxer-type shorts). Girls must be modest going to and from the pool.

  • Offensive language or swearing is not permitted.

  • No one can use the pool unless a lifeguard is on duty.

  • Guests are to leave facilities as they found them. Damages to room furnishings and equipment will be added from the group's rental fee. Any additional costs above the amount of the rental fee will be billed to the group leader. Group leaders are to monitor excessive dirt and trash from their group.

  • If any equipment or furniture is moved or borrowed, it should be returned to its original location. This includes tables, chairs, games, etc.

  • The use of cigarettes/tobacco products, alcohol, illegal narcotics, fireworks, and firearms are prohibited. The entire camp is a smoke-free environment.

Making a Reservation

  • To make a reservation at Camp Kanesatake, a rental application must be completed and mailed to the Camp Office along with a 20% deposit and proof of insurance.

  • Please email the Camp Office for a rental application and include the details below:

    • Name of your church or organization and the type of group you will bring (i.e. youth group, men’s retreat, ladies retreat)

    • The preferred date(s) for your retreat

    • Estimated number of people who will be attending

  • The entire rental fee must be paid upon arrival at Camp Kanesatake. Please make checks payable to Camp Kanesatake. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. Camp Email: Camp phone number: (888) 414-2267


  • Cancellations create difficulties for our preparation and scheduling with other groups. The 20% deposit is needed to confirm a reservation but is nonrefundable if reservation is cancelled.

  • Less than 7 days in advance, the group must pay 50% of the estimated total bill.

4976 Camp Kanesatake Lane

Spruce Creek, PA 16683

(814) 632-6024

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