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Image by Jamie Coupaud

Fundraising Banquet

Image by Alexandra Gornago

Join us on Tuesday, September 19th for a fundraising banquet and concert on behalf of Camp Kanesatake and celebrate 100 years of Camp! 

A delicious buffet style meal will be provided, followed by an update regarding Camp Kanesatake's future plans and a concert by Chiz Rider. 

As we celebrate 100 years of camp our goal is to host 100 guests for our Fundraising Banquet. Reservation for this banquet is required. Please RSVP by September 5, 2023.

Tuesday September 19, 2023

An opportunity to partner with Camp Kanesatake financially will be extended

If you are interested in financially supporting this event please consider signing up as an event sponsor or underwriter. Sponsors and underwriters help cover the costs of the event so all funds raised will go toward the ministries of Camp Kanesatake. To be an underwriter, please visit and select banquet underwriter as a giving option or call 814-632-6024. To be an event sponsor please see instructions under Sponsorship Opportunities below.

Banquet Registration Procedures

Each guest who is interested in attending the banquet will be asked to be an underwriter or table host. As an underwriter you would be responsible for the financial donation and able to be a table host if interested. Guests who are interested in being a table host will be responsible for filling one table at the banquet, and responsible for finding an underwriter for their table.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is a great way to support Camp K, and we cannot host this event without your generosity.  Sponsorship enables all of the proceeds from the banquet go towards supporting the mission and purpose of Camp Kanesatake.


Our goal for 2023 is to host over 1,000 campers, and our banquet will help us reach out to financially disadvantaged kids in Central Pennsylvania so they can be a part of our camping program!

100% of the proceeds go towards the ministries of Camp Kanesatake.



  • Sponsors all Camp Kanesatake events (Trail Run, Golf Tournament, Banquet).

  • Logo displayed on both camp email promotion and quarterly mailers.

  • Sponsorship also includes registration fee for 1 Golf team (4 golfers), 1 Trail Run team (4 runners), and 1 table at Banquet (6 guests).

  • Benefits of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze included.




  • Powerpoints display company logo.

  • Special mention on Website.

  • Logo displayed in camp quarterly mailer.

  • Sponsorship includes registration fees for 2 runners for Trail Run and 2 golfers for Golf Tournament.

  • Platinum sponsors advertised at Banquet.

  • Benefits of Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorships.



  • Banner with company name for Trail Run and Golf Tournament.

  • Sponsorship includes 1 runner for Trail Run and 1 golfer for Golf Tournament.

  • Company name on event t shirt for selected events.

  • Benefits of Silver and Bronze sponsorships.



  • Signage of company name at Trail Run and displayed at Golf Tournament.

  • Product and/or inclusion in event goody bag

  • Benefits of Bronze.



  • Recognition on event program and social media for Trail Run or Golf Tournament.

For event information contact:
Teresa Mock, Event Coordinator, (814) 632-6024,

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