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Dining Hall Renovation


Our oldest building, the dining hall, will be our first major renovation.

Government inspections have been a concern each year for our most used facility on campus. There is an urgent need to upgrade the dining hall as there is a 99% chance we will not pass the next upcoming inspection. Having the funds to break ground in 2024 will ensure that we can pass our upcoming inspection and continue to provide meals for our summer camps as well as our retreats all year long.

Total Budget Goal:

$1.5 Million

  • 2024 goal: Raise an additional $250,000

  • There is a $250,000 matching gift for 2024

New Dining Hall Side Picture.jpg

Current Dining Hall Statistics

Old Camp K Dining Hall Inside_edited.jpg


the dining hall was among the first buildings built on the property making it the oldest building that is still standing

Camp Dining Hall 3.jpeg


people max capacity

in Summer

Camp Dining Hall 2_edited.jpg


total meals during the summer

Camp Dining Hall 1.jpg


meals for late fall, winter, and Spring retreats

New Dining Hall Statistics

New Dining Hall.jpg


Camp K has a goal to start renovation for new dining hall fall 2024

Summer Camp.jpg


people max capacity

year round

Dining Hall Capactiy.jpg


total meals during the summer



meals year round

Would you be willing to help us reach this goal by giving your best gift today?

Would you like to do more?

If you would like to to be a major part of the campaign or take a serious lead in the project please contact our office to set up a personal meeting for all the exciting details.

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