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The Legacy Society

How you can support Camp Kanesatake’s work through creative ways of giving:

Through planned giving, you can make the most significant gift of your life and support our mission and our work as you achieve your overall financial, tax and estate planning goals.

Planned gifts are just that: gifts that require some planning. These are significant tools that can help you give more, in tax-smart ways, and can provide income to you along with your gift. Stretch the possibilities of your support to us with the advantages of planned giving. We’ve partnered with Everence® to help you in exploring your planned giving options. Take a look at the various ways you can grow your generosity – today and into the future.

For more information, please contact Seth Hoffman, Camp

Director, at or 814-632-6024. You may

also contact Phil Pratt, Everence® Charitable Consultant, at or 574-307-6243.

Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund is like a giving checking account. It’s a great tool to make gifts of appreciated assets such as stock, farm commodities, or real estate. Include us in your recommended charitable distributions or set up an account for a flexible, streamlined way to direct charitable gifts to us.


Tax-Smart tip: Do you use Itemized or Standard Deduction on your taxes? A Donor Advised Fund allows you to make a large charitable contribution one tax year, into a fund that you can dispense to your favorite charities over multiple years. Invest & grow your giving fund tax-free from this account.  Learn More


Wills & Legacy Planning

Giving through your will is one of the easiest planned gifts to make. See how you can include giving to us as part of peace-of-mind planning in your will, trust and estate. Make your wishes known ahead of time, so you’re able to fulfill your faithful, caring, and charitable intentions. No matter how large or small your estate, a will is a great place to start, ensuring your values are reflected in your planning. It’s a chance to care for those you love: family, friends, the church and missions you care about.  Learn More

Tax-smart tip: Estate gifts can reduce or eliminate the burden of estate or inheritance taxes.  Contact an Everence Consultant for more information.

Retirement Assets

Tax-smart tip: Give from your Retirement Fund!


Your IRA, 401k, 403b, pension or other tax deferred plan, is an excellent way to make a gift to your chosen charities. Plus, you may satisfy your required minimum distributions and reduce taxable income. Other items that are assets and can be given as gifts: Stocks and bonds, real estate, life insurance, farm commodities, and valuable collections.  Learn More

Charitable Trusts

Make a gift that will also provide you and your family income. Set aside and direct your assets to our organization and to your heirs—or even back to you—in a way that best fits your needs.  Learn More

Tax-smart tip: A gift into a trust usually results in an immediate tax deduction, and can be most helpful in a year when your income is higher than normal (selling a business or property; selling appreciated assets; receiving a bonus or incentive).  Contact an Everence Consultant for more information.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Grow and share your heart for missions and good work in a way that offers you steady payments for life, then with funds going to your selected charities.

A charitable gift annuity through Everence Foundation is a great way to support Camp Kanesatake while securing your future. It’s a gift that provides you with payments for life and frees you from managing funds you intend to eventually give away.

How it Works:


A gift annuity is a gift planning option that lets you share your heart for our mission, receive a tax deduction now, and receive steady payments for life.


Advantages: Many people have employed gift annuities in their charitable planning because of the multiple advantages and ability to grow and participate in stewardship investing. Advantages include the flexibility to divide your gift to multiple charities, receiving annuity payments for life, and tax advantages. It’s easy to start your charitable gift annuity and the various ways you can grow your generosity to support Camp Kanestake’s work.  Learn More

Tax-smart tip: In addition to an immediate tax deduction, gift annuity payments are partially tax-exempt, which means that your guaranteed future income is taxed at a lower rate than regular income or commercial annuity income would be.  Contact an Everence Consultant for more information.

Is Camp Kanesatake included in your Estate Plans?

A source of support for Camp K is to document bequest intentions to the camp.

Knowing and documenting future bequests is important for a number of reasons:

  1. We want to be able to recognize and thank those who wish to Create a Legacy with Camp.

  2. We want to be good stewards and utilize the bequest in the way it was desired.

  3. Knowing bequest intentions will enable Camp K to better plan for its financial future.


For more information contact:

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