• Seth Hoffman

Camp Update!

Thank you all for your prayers and support through this season in our nation. As always the board and staff of Camp Kanesatake are concerned for the local church and the youth of our great nation. We desire to be able to use our ministry and facility to help children and teens grow physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Our mission and these goals have not been diminished, and our resolve is greater than ever in the midst of this pandemic. Because of the current situation we will be spending additional effort on the physical health of the campers and their families while continuing to care for the other needs of our campers.

This document will outline the upcoming events and plans that Camp Kanesatake is implementing. This document will be Camp Kanesatake’s process and procedure for running camp and will be valid when Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania is moved to the Yellow phase by our state government. If new information becomes available and state regulations change, we will update this document accordingly.

ALL Camps starting July 5th are on schedule and plan to run in their entirety!

Who should come to Camp K this summer 2020?

  • Every teen and child that is healthy, wants to be outside, and learn about God’s word.

  • The guardian feels confident that camp is important for their child's development and understands the circumstances and risks of the year and will sign our camp waiver.

Who should not come to Camp K this summer 2020?

You should not come if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with Covid-19

  • Are waiting for results from Covid-19 test

  • Have a cough, fever or shortness of breath, or other symptoms of Covid-19

  • Recently had contact with a person testing positive for Covid-19

  • Have any pre-existing health condition that being in a camp environment could aggravate

  • Have a weak immune system

  • Are fearful, apprehensive, or unsure about spending a week at camp

If any of the above applies to you, please do not come to camp this summer. If you would like to talk to a staff member for clarification, please contact the camp office. If you have already registered for camp but any of these points apply to you, contact the camp office and we can give you a full refund for your registration.

Camp Kanesatake is making significant changes to ensure the health of our campers and comply with state regulations. We are requesting that parents, guardians. and pastors do their best to register and bring healthy children to camp. Most of you realize that a camp environment makes it difficult to practice social distancing; therefore, we will be putting much effort into a process that ensures a healthy population is being admitted to camp. Based on the recommendation of health organizations, campers with pre-existing conditions may be labeled as high risk and therefore admittance to our programs will require further review. 

Camp Kanesatake will be making changes to different parts of the camping week and process that will ensure health and safety compliance but will not distract from the life changing message, the good news of Jesus Christ!

Sunday Check-In

  • Campers will be driven to the top of the hill at camp,15 cars at a time. 

  • Registered campers accompanied by a guardian will be health checked by a medical professional and then moved into their cabin. 

  • Guardians will be getting a specific arrival time. Please be patient as our new system will take a little longer than normal.


Chapel services will be held in the open air at our vespers area or at our pavilion.


Meals will be held in the open air at our pavilion or in the camper cabin.

Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning

Hand sanitizer will be available at all events and locations. Cleaning will be done in the bath house, all living quarters, and event locations two times each day. 


  • We will maintain the 1:10 or better staff to camper ratio as recommended by the state of Pennsylvania.

  • We will be opening the pool with a group limit of 25.

  • The yellow phase of reopening does not require a mask. Masks are optional and bandanas will be provided for team spirit as well as health and safety

  • We will not be having a closing program for parents. We will be filming the final scoring and an end of the week video that you will be able to enjoy at home. 

  • Pick up will be the same as Sunday Check-In. We thank you in advance for your prompt arrival and quick departure.

We look forward to an exciting summer of reaching kids and teens with the good news of Jesus!


Seth Hoffman

Camp Kanesatake Director


4976 Camp K Lane

Spruce Creek, PA 16683

(814) 632-6024


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